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 What your character knows about: The kindred opinion of travel

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What your character knows about: The kindred opinion of travel Empty
PostSubject: What your character knows about: The kindred opinion of travel   What your character knows about: The kindred opinion of travel EmptyWed Sep 28, 2011 8:31 pm

In the traditional world of darkness setting kindred rarely take the risk of moving between cities and are known for never leaving a city once they've settled themselves into a court. This is slightly different in the setting of Manchester at Midnight.

Travel is a dangerous prospect for kindred. With only so many hours of night to work with, which only gets worse over time, going great distances takes a long time and a lot of preparation and planning. Traveling for a kindred cost money, just like for mortals, an other thing holding back a kindred. Kindred are not a welcoming bunch and kindred moving into a new city know better than to expect a warm reception. But with all that said, kindred still move and they move a lot.

Just like mortals, there are many reasons for a kindred to get up and move to another town. Kindred can get board of one place, realize that opportunities in an other place are better, find out their sire is into some weird stuff in the bed room, piss off one too many titled members of their court, and the list goes on and on...

Traveling between cities is dangerous, were-wolves and other odd super natural beings populate the rural country side for the most part so when traveling a kindred makes it as fast as he or she can to the next town. Kindred are well connected, either by clan or covenant and see it as polite or good form to call ahead and ask permission to pass through or join the town. Sometimes an invitation is leveled by a prince to a kindred in an other town.

Also something that is fairly common is a kindred from one city visiting an other nearby city. In places where cities are close to one another kindred with high enough standings and that are generally well behaved are allowed to travel from one city to another for the night. Again, it's better to ask permission before entering an other city, too often is an angry sheriff or hound summoned to deal with kindred who show up uninvited.

Some kindred with a suitable skill or discipline set may move in an out of major cities completely unknown but do so at the risk of being caught and punished accordingly. Also know that you can only ever have city status in one city at a time and rarely does your city status from your home town do anything in another city. Statuses in from your clan or covenant are however more widely accepted.

Spending time in a smaller town is always a dangerous prospect for kindred. The Invictus Standard that was set over 20 years ago was a kindred law that is up held by most covenants and kindred in smaller towns maybe punished accordingly. Also, smaller towns make hunting hard to pull off and getting a 'bite to eat' may become complicated in a town without a bar...

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What your character knows about: The kindred opinion of travel
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