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 What your character knows about: The northeastern United States

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What your character knows about: The northeastern United States Empty
PostSubject: What your character knows about: The northeastern United States   What your character knows about: The northeastern United States EmptyThu Sep 29, 2011 5:40 pm

For this game that takes place in Manchester New Hampshire, it'll be important to know what the surrounding area is like in general. (Eventually there will be more postings about the other parts of the country as well.)

All the Major cities in the Northeast are very Invictus Dominate. North of the Mid Atlantic is very much Invictus world when it comes to covenants.

State by State:

Pennsylvania: Places like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh serve as major Invictus strong holds.

New Jersey: A new home for the Carthian Movement. Long one of their bases for extending their influence into New York City, the Most important kindred city in North America.

New York: The Entire state is Invictus dominate. Up state New York is home to a few loner Crone or small Ordo research groups. Some Canadian Carthians have been known to pass through. New York City is considered a global Invictus capital. (More to come about New York City)

Connecticut: With heavy influences from New York, many Invictus make this their home. Ordo and Sanctum also flock to this state.

Rhode Island: Mainly Invictus and Sanctum, the two share the state almost evenly.

Massachusetts: Eastern Massachusetts cities are held by a lot of Invictus and Sanctum kindred. Many Carthians have started to populate these 'progressive' northeastern cities as well. Western Massachusetts plays host to Many Circle of the Crone and Ordo kindred.

Vermont: The Circle of the Crone claimed the state but there are few populated areas and not a single city of the Invictus standard.

New Hampshire: Mostly Ordo until recently, Many Invictus transplant kindred have moved here recently, also a stop over for Carthians moving around New England.

Maine: Claimed by the Carthian Movement but lacks cities that meet the Invictus Standard. Large scale raids from the Boston area by Invictus and Ordo teams have lowered the already low kindred population there.

As for the Clans Ventrue and Daeva are very popular in the Major cities of the northeast. Considered to be the most 'picky of where they dwell' the north east is a place of power for these two clans. The Mehket have found homes in the old educational systems of the northeast enjoying their ivy league status and what not. In less populated areas of the northeast the Gangrel enjoy the more primal nature of the outskirts where the Nosferatu can be found in very old New England Mill town.

Pennsylvania: Considered to be part of the 'rust belt' by some more picky kindred, Ventrue and Daeva are less common here. Mehket are less picky and hold a lot of influence in this area.

New Jersey: Many Ventrue and Daeva dwell in this Region along with a noteable population of Nosferatu.

New York: Upstate New York host many Gangrel and Mehket where as New York City is heavily populated by the Ventrue and the Nosferatu two clans that are often draw to the largest cities.

Connecticut: Largely populated by Daeva and Mehket. The Ventrue hold a noteable population as well.

Rhode Island: Heavily populated by the Daeva. Mehket and Ventrue can be found in noteable numbers as well.

Massachusetts: The eastern part of the state is heavily populated by the Ventrue and the Daeva, The Nosferatu can be found in numbers here. Western Massachusetts is largely Gangrel with some Mehket as well.

Vermont: Only home to a few Kindred, Gangrel make up the most of the numbers.

New Hampshire: Home to many Gangrel and Nosferatu, The Mehket have been know to be in force as well.

Maine: Home to a few Gangrel and Mehket. doesn't host noteable populations of much else.

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What your character knows about: The northeastern United States
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