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 What your character knows about: VII

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What your character knows about: VII Empty
PostSubject: What your character knows about: VII   What your character knows about: VII EmptyWed Sep 28, 2011 8:00 pm

The VII are what some kindred thing to be a larger conspiracy of kindred that hunt and kill other kindred as an organized group. To date, no one has proven such and very little is known about victims of such murders. No kindred claims openly to be part of such group and few bother to look into such things. If there was any kind of VII covenant or conspiracy the do well to keep hidden and are clearly not very good at what they do as there are so many kindred still in the world.

VII is little more than a myth or distraction to the kindred of the modern night. Whenever a random slaying of a kindred is vaguely linked to them no one kindred can take it seriously and never is anything discovered about a larger conspiracy.

The Invictus: "This VII myth is a wonderful way to have a rival killed and blamed on someone that isn't me. Shame this isn't any VII, I'd hire them all the time."

The Lancae Sanctum: "Beings that do such dirty work and dignify it with a group would be a waste of our notice."

The Ordo Dracul: "Why would a secrete society bother with such a base goal?"

The Circle of the Crone: "So their kindred that hunt other kindred. Sounds like every other covenant. You sure you're not just talking about one of them?"

The Carthian Movement: "We've got better things to worry about than boogie men. There are plenty of REAL threats why make new ones up?"

The unaligned: "If they did exist I'd be safe anyways. Clearly I'm not important enough for a group of kindred to off. Let someone else worry about it."

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What your character knows about: VII
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