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 Cities of Note

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In North America there are a few Major cities that are known to all the kindred of the continent for their historical and cultural significance to kindred as a whole. This information is known to all kindred.

Montreal: Long an Invictus stronghold, the city is host to the 'La Citadelle des Fous' which is french for 'the citadel of the insane'. La Citadelle des Fous was once an old French military fort that in modern nights has been converted in a mental hospital. Canadian kindred of the Invictus, the Sanctum and the Ordo have in time worked together to use the lower levels of the hospital as the only kindred metal hospital in the world. This unheard of level of charity towards other kindred is celebrated by kindred of the Sanctum as a sign of compassion unseen in other domains. Many of the kindred of the Sanctum volunteer their nights at this building. The Invictus and the Ordo are far less romantic about the La citadelle des fous. Ordo support for the project was more for their research into the mind of a kindred and the few Ordo researchers at the building now have many patients to 'look after'. The Invictus see the La citadelle des fous as nothing more than a retirement home for kindred who can no longer function in kindred society. Held by oaths of tradition, no Invictus can rightfully final death an other Invictus for simply being mentally ill. When important titled Invictus are deemed 'unfit' to hold their title, they are not striped of the title, but rather replaced and sent here to 'recover'. Allegations of corruption are common but stories of Ordo experiments and Invictus exiles are hushed up by the Sanctum who honestly believe that taking care of these deranged kindred is the right thing to do. The La citadelle des fous is also sometimes used by Invictus elders who seek to sleep in torpor for years on end, holding faith that the Sanctum care takers will protect their bodies.

New York City: The Second most populated city in North America and the most populated city in the United State, New York City is the Cultural mecca of North American Kindred. The court of New York City hosts the most kindred of any court in North America and possibly the world. Long an Invictus strong hold, the boarders of the duchy of New York City extends to all cities of Long Island as well. The Kindred of New York City pride themselves on their culture and long standing record of up holding the masquerade. The Prince of New York is one of the oldest kindred in North America and holds his court with tradition. Carthians in New Jersey don't even come close to eroding the court of New York City. Due to the population density and progressive mind set, New York City is one of the easiest places for a Kindred to dwell. The Prince of New York City carefully limits the amount of Kindred in the City as he doesn't want an over population of kindred to spoil the ride for everyone else.

Washington D.C: Washington D.C represents a strange occurrence in setting of Manchester at Midnight in that there isn't a single kindred in the city. In 1940, the court of Washington D.C was wiped out and since then Carthian and Invictus resettlement coteries have tried time and time again to claim the city only to meet a final death. No kindred knows for sure what is keeping them out of the capital but few try to go and find out. Carthians in Maryland and Invictus in Virgina keep their eyes on the capital from a safe distance, hoping one night to be able to start a court of their own in the city.

Chicago: Recently the site of a bloody uprising, Chicago was taken from the Invictus by members of the Carthian movement. The loss of the windy city shook up Invictus all over the mid west and tales of the bloody acts done in Chicago have shocked kindred of all covenants. Since 2008 the city has been in Carthian control and there has been a relative peace in the region.

Atlanta: The self proclaimed 'capital of the south' is also the North American 'Vatican of the Sanctum' Although the title of Pope is not used by the Lancea Sanctum, the Bishop of Atlanta is seen by many Kindred of the Sanctum to the spiritual and political leader of the Lancae Sanctum in an extended region.

New Orleans: One of the few domains owned by the Circle of the Crone, It's seen as a cultural icon for members of the circle of all faiths. Although fought over more than any other city in the south, in recent years it has become easily one of the most peace (for kindred anyways) in the region.

San Fransisco: San Fransisco is the capital of the Californian Carthian Congress (commonly referred simply as the C.C.C). San Fransisco was picked over L.A for it's compared peacefulness to kindred. The C.C.C meet here regularly and the kindred population of the city is known to flux more than any other city in North America.

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Cities of Note
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