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 A note on check in

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A note on check in Empty
PostSubject: A note on check in   A note on check in EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 6:37 am

Just wanted to clear up a few things for everyone about the check in process.

As a note, Check in starts as early as 5:30PM and is officially maintained until 6:45pm. What we mean by 'officially maintained' is that until 6:45pm, There are several staff who are out of game actively helping players get checked into game. After 6:45pm, many of those staff members will have to jump into game. There will be one staff member available to continue checking in players who arrive after 6:45pm, That staff member is usually Libby but may be other staff members.

Check in for RETURNING players is easy:

RETURNING players are to report to the Master's gaming Konection club room on the third floor and will be checked in by humanity. (Players are checked in by humanity in an effort to simulate the mechanics of kindred with higher humanities waking up before those with a lower one. If for some reason you do not wish to have your humanity known to the other players around, you can opt to go later in the check in order.) When you are checking in you will see Joe and Libby, they are the check in staff.

At check in you will make your initial blood draw, receive your monthly will power and any items you may have purchased during your down time. Sometimes at check in you will be told about events going on in game that night or even special rule modifications for that evening's game. Once you've done all that you leave that room and YOU ARE NOW IN GAME. There is no official 'Game on' call, once you are in game, you'll see staff members who are also in game and available for interaction.

Check in for NEW players has more to it:

NEW players need to check in with a character manager down on the second floor by the subway, at the beginning of game. There are currently three character managers; Rhyan, Dylan and myself (Ronny). One of these three staff members will help you get the finishing touches on your character settled and make sure you've built your character properly. Although you may be randomly paired up with one of these 3 staff members, you may later be assigned a different character manager at a later time. You WILL know your character manager by your next event.

After doing all of that, you will follow the other steps that RETURNING players will be following above. You will also be able to get your starting item from the check in staff.

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A note on check in
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