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 Covenant Fluff: The Ordo Dracul

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Covenant Fluff: The Ordo Dracul Empty
PostSubject: Covenant Fluff: The Ordo Dracul   Covenant Fluff: The Ordo Dracul EmptyThu Oct 20, 2011 1:15 pm

A series of post entitled: Covenant fluff will be posted. These posts are to show case certain aspects of these Covenants that are different from what you may have read in the white wolf books and are specific to the setting of Manchester at Midnight.

-The Ordo Dracul

Although considered one of the newer covenants, no kindred tonight can argue the impact that the Ordo Dracul has left on Kindred society. Their dedication to their research has made for many breakthroughs in the mystery that is the kindred condition. Domains where the Ordo Dracul are in high numbers see a flourishing of education and understanding of all manners of occult matters. They often bill themselves to the other covenants as advisers or researchers and sometimes a neutral third party that rarely gets caught up in the politics of other covenants.

The kindred of the Ordo Dracul follow the ley lines, the mystical energy areas of the world where arcane magics are known to be magnified. Over years of research, it has become understood that Ley lines follow abnormal geological features such as longer rivers, deeper lakes, or taller mountains. Thus the Ordo Dracul has claimed very little in the way of cities with kindred courts. The Ordo may be smaller than some of the other covenants, but in most cases it prefers it that way. With fewer members, the Ordo Dracul can keep a better eye on the small amount it has and can keep them better organized with far less effort.

Most Ordo Dracul keep to their own circles, knowing that sharing the covenants magics are forbidden and also because they are so caught up in their research that such mundane things like court no longer interest them. Where as other covenants seek to better their social position or find absolution in a faith in god or gods, kindred of the Ordo Dracul seek personal enlightenment.

Manchester at Midnight setting specific sects of The Ordo Dracul.

-The Order of Newton:

Where as the majority of the Ordo Dracul is loosely organized and holds to no one centralized faction, the order of Newton is comprised of members of the Ordo Dracul who aspire to greatness through politics. Members of the Ordo Dracul that pursue political interests more often than not are members of the order of Newton. Much more organized than the rest of the Ordo Dracul, members of the Order of Newton are highly respected by other kindred of the Ordo Dracul for a simple reason: While the order of Newton takes care of the politics, the rest of the Ordo Dracul can be left to it's work.

Members of the Order of Newton are often time sought out by members of other covenants who wish to do business with the Ordo Dracul, knowing that members of the Order of Newton are much more civilly minded than most other Ordo Dracul. In recent years kindred of the Order of Newton have brokered large arrangements with other covenants such as signing onto the Invictus standard which although may have drawn the ire of the Carthian Movement, certainly put them on a better footing with the first and second estates.

Symbol: A Dragon's claw clutching an apple.

If you're interested in playing a member of The Order of Newton, you should tell your character manager and include it into your back story.

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Covenant Fluff: The Ordo Dracul
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