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 Covenant Fluff: The Carthian Movement

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Covenant Fluff: The Carthian Movement Empty
PostSubject: Covenant Fluff: The Carthian Movement   Covenant Fluff: The Carthian Movement EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 7:40 am

A series of post entitled: Covenant fluff will be posted. These posts are to show case certain aspects of these Covenants that are different from what you may have read in the white wolf books and are specific to the setting of Manchester at Midnight.

The Carthian Movement-

easily the youngest of the major covenants in tonight's kindred world, The Carthian Movement is also the fastest growing covenant. Having formed only 100 years ago (A very brief period of time in the eyes of a kindred.) It is seconded only to the Invictus in terms of shear amount of cities that have courts under it's sway in North America. In the United States alone, there are over 75 cities of the Invictus standard that claim to have a Carthian Majority and many more minor cities are being caught up in the movement.

Their overall mission statement is simple: Reform the courts of the kindred society.

For too long have the old ideas held kindred unlife in the grips of the unchanging. The world around the kindred is changing and so should they. The need to adapt is something that all being can not ignore and the last 100 years have been times of great change indeed and the next 100 years are even more worrisome for elders. The biggest worry for all kindred these nights is very clear: How much longer can the Masquerade be up held for?

With the advancement of technology and an over all liberalization of the human mindset, will there be in fact a day when mortal man will know of kindred and live side by side with them? Although not playing in popular culture and fictional works, there may be a night when the kindred can no longer properly hide themselves from the mortal eye. The Carthian Movement knows this to be a true possibility and a reasonable likelihood. Their goal is to be the most ready for if or really WHEN this happens. This mind set plays into their over all mission statement. How could the mortal society accept them if their own society is still in the dark ages?

The Carthian Movement although unified in it's goals are divided in their means to an ends. Where as some are devoted to diplomacy and use the courts as their battle fields, many Carthians are overtly violent in their actions and have been known to stage violent over throws of oppressive (as they see it at least) domains. The Carthian Movement also did not sign onto the Invictus standard.

Manchester at Midnight setting specific sects of The Carthian Movement:

The C.C.C (The Californian Carthian Congress):
One of the places where The Carthian Movement found the most traction was on America's west coast. Minor Invictus domains at the begining of the 20th century quickly converted to The Carthian Movement new ideas. Many of the Invictus converted out of greed, no longer interested in owing debts to the Invictus power block of the east coast but a few liked the idea of a new age of kindred society. California's mortal population was also at a constant climb and more food meant more kindred. Human cities on the West coast exploded in population and gave raise to some of the most prominent kindred courts in North America. Cities like San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and many more cities soon came into their own as hubs of culture and economy.

Started in the 1960s, the C.C.C formed as one of the largest kindred political bodies in the world, rivaling even the enormous Invictus kingdoms of Europe. Still to this day, the kindred cities of California are some of the most closely organized kindred domains in the world and serve as one of The Carthian Movements bases of global power.

The congress was made up of princes of kindred cities in California but now extends to Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. A prince acts as a congress man and assembled Carthian congress men can in act laws or work together on dealing with threats to kindred society. The congress meets in the capital of the C.C.C San Fransisco once every other month for 4 days.

Players interested in playing a member of the C.C.C should make your character manager aware of this and should include parts of this into your back story.

The Red Guard:
Members of The Carthian Movements' Red Guard are considered to be it's militant wing. Where as some Carthians push their ideas in court, these Carthians are let their fists and weapons do the 'liberating'. Kindred of the Red Guard do their best to maintain what they see as a moral high ground and although use violence to achieve their means, take very high care when picking their targets. Members of the Red Guard are not mercenaries but soldiers of their chosen cause. They fight not for their own ends, but for what they see as a 'freer kindred future'.

Red Guard members form in small cells on the fringes of non Carthian domains but have been known to gather in numbers in Carthian dominated areas. They act in highly organized military units and can be known to put many other kindred on edge, even other Carthians when around. Members of the Red Guard have been know to work with other coetries when need be and have in rare cases even work with Invictus knight hoods when overt threats to kindred society crop up.

The Red Guard are currently most known for their involvement in the recent over throw of Invictus power in Chicago. The bloody battles in the mid west have lead to a new Carthian power block based out of the windy city. Although great full of the advancement of the movement, many other sects of The Carthian Movement are still bothered by the overtly violent means by which the Red Guard employed.

Players interested in playing a member of the Red guard should let your character manage know and should include parts of this into your back story.

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Covenant Fluff: The Carthian Movement
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