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 Event 1 (Why you've come to Manchester)

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Event 1 (Why you've come to Manchester) Empty
PostSubject: Event 1 (Why you've come to Manchester)   Event 1 (Why you've come to Manchester) EmptyThu Sep 29, 2011 6:21 pm

Although it is ultimately up to you the player to decide why the character you are playing has journeyed to Manchester to join it's court, recent events in the city are known to all players and may have influences over your actions and goals.

The City of Manchester has recently suffered a large Werewolf attack and many of the city's kindred residents have meet a final death. The city now has very few kindred in it and has extended the invitation to all new kindred to come and join the Court of Samuel Dillinger. This is a great opportunity for a new kindred to get into a court or an older kindred to start anew.

Travel to Manchester is pretty easy. There are many high ways that lead to it from southern New England and the more populated areas of Canada. Manchester is on several bus routes and also has a rail road. The Manchester airport is large and makes it accessible for most of the United States. How you get to the city is up to you.

The night of the first event there is a Gala being held by the prince and his court at the Elysium of the city. All Kindred are welcome to attend and it is strongly suggested that you do. Kindred who are found wondering the streets that are yet to introduce themselves to those in charge may be dealt with as the court sees fit.

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Event 1 (Why you've come to Manchester)
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