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 Keeping secrets hidden

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Xavier Hawthorne

Xavier Hawthorne

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Keeping secrets hidden Empty
PostSubject: Keeping secrets hidden   Keeping secrets hidden EmptySun Nov 04, 2012 9:50 am

The intellectual crowd that Xavier hangs out with in coffee shops and bars are noticing the odd wave "natural phenomena". This night he made sure to remind his contemporary scientists that Humanity has only been recording natural phenomena for thousands of years, which is nothing in terms of how old the planet is, furthermore accurate scientific recording has been going for a few centuries. As he expects, another fellow scientist jumps into the opening he deliberately made for her to point out that human activity has radically changed environment of the planet, so weird weather is bound to happen. After another skillfully left opening a man explains that little earthquakes were less likely to be recording in older times, and that New England IS on an active fault line, heck just last year there was an earth quake in New England. We are probably a return to geological normality, not a shift to strange behavior.

*Well, maybe the conservative types have a point after all, humans are easier to manipulate in large groups and the old tricks still do work* Xavier thinks to himself.
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Keeping secrets hidden
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