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 The Earthquake

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PostSubject: The Earthquake   Wed Oct 17, 2012 3:55 pm

(As a note this thread does not take place in Elysium but in several locations. Players and Staff are encouraged to post where they were during the quake in this thread.)

Hector Lablanc sat in his office on Elm street, working a late night for him in Manchester. He would be driven back to his regency soon but first had to finish up a few things. He had been distracted by an E-mail he had received from the prince of Boston and sneered some at the computer screen. It would seem like his kindred business would take more of his focus than his kine business tonight. As he glares at the screen he receives a text from Frank asking him if he was almost ready to come down to the car, reminding him that If Hector was out much later he would be driving a sleeping Frank back to Auburn. Hector chuckled some at the text and looks back to the screen with a raised eye brow. He was about to text Frank back when he say a pencil roll off his desk as the whole building shook some. Hector hadn't been in a lot of earthquakes in his life but this one just felt... different to him. Something made the Mehket sit on edge and then he quickly shut down his computer and texted Frank "I'm coming right down."

In his Casino Conrad walked around with one of his bouncers and gives a board smile as he looks around his Casino. With it finally open, the 'strike it rich' had become the greatest casino in the state. Conrad passed by a row of slot machines and gave a wink and a thumbs up to a few old ladies who had been there for hours. The casino wasn't packed, but it was there was a good number of people in the casino. He came to stand by a large window from which he could see the construction of the new dam taking place. Large trucks with 'T. T. Logan Construction and Utility' on their sides moved mounds of dirt and other supplies around the site. Conrad straighten his suit some and then clapped his hands together. "I'm feeling lucky tonight Barry!" Conrad said to the man with him. When he said that, an small earthquake shook the hotel and casino and Conrad looked first to the construction site and then to the people around his casino. The kine noticed the shake but went back to their night as if nothing happened. Conrad shrugged some, just glad that they didn't run towards the exit.

Cestus had just landed after a long flight from the white mountains. He had been spending a lot of time up there recently and those that he talked to about it got only vague answers about his 'trips north'. When pressed, he simply says something along the lines of 'something you shouldn't worry about yet.' He was in Concord when the earthquake triggered. He watched the mortals near by shrug off the quake and go about their nightly business. Cestus on the other hand knew full well just what that earthquake meant. He pulled out his cell phone and looked it over some. In moments reports came to him from all over New England telling him just what kind of distance that quake traveled. He put his phone away and then shot back into the sky. It was clear to him that they were running out of time and that the kindred of Manchester were going to be his best bet. He hoped that they would be ready to help him or at the very least, help themselves.

Child-like, no one understands
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Some kind of innocence is measured out in years
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Adam Blackbourne

Adam Blackbourne

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PostSubject: Re: The Earthquake   Wed Oct 17, 2012 5:29 pm

At first, Adam thought it might be the heavy machinery he was working with. An earthquake? Here? That's not just unexpected, that's strange. Strange things meant distractions and deviations from his plans. No doubt he'd be hearing about this soon; anything like this always becomes an problem. But more than likely, it was the same kind of problem with the werewolves. That is to say, not his.

But it always helps to stay informed, and this was a golden opportunity. He decided to skip the presidential debate and ride the quake.
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Eleanora Grey

Eleanora Grey

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PostSubject: Re: The Earthquake   Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:29 am

It was a good night at the milonga. The music was excellent, there were several talented dancers but the floor wasn't so crowded that they couldn't have some fun with their steps. Eleanora was thoroughly enjoying herself, lost in the movement when the rumbling shook the room.

At first, people were simply annoyed; some of them wondering what idiot was driving a big truck down a side street at this hour. After several seconds of the quake, it gradually dawned on everyone what was actually occurring. For a minute or two, there was quiet chatter about this one's memories about another, bigger quake and that one's cousin who was a seismologist in California. Then, the first notes of the next song kicked in and everyone returned to the tango, the only lasting impact of the earthquake being a topic for future conversations.
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PostSubject: Re: The Earthquake   

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The Earthquake
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