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 What your character knows about: The Invictus Standard

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What your character knows about: The Invictus Standard Empty
PostSubject: What your character knows about: The Invictus Standard   What your character knows about: The Invictus Standard EmptyWed Sep 28, 2011 7:27 pm

Welcome to a series of post entitled "What your character knows about:" In this series of post you will be given information on the subtle changes that I've made to this setting from your traditional world of darkness setting. The purpose of these posts is to make your character flow in the role play with others much easier.

This post is in regards to the Invictus standard, an important part of the setting.

The Invictus standard was made official on January 1st 1990 by the Invictus, the Lancea Sanctum and the Ordo Dracul. The Standard states that kindred should not hold court in a mortal city of less than a 100,000 population. Holding court in a smaller city is considered to be a breach of the masquerade and the signers of the standard seek action against those that don't follow the rules.

Although a single unaligned kindred may go unnoticed in a small city, very rarely does an entire court go unnoticed. The two covenants that did not sign on did for their own reasons and rarely up hold the 'law'.

The following is a covenant by covenant opinion of the Invictus standard.

The Invictus: "The Standard is amazing and paramount to protecting the masquerade. It's also a wonderful tool for using the Sanctum and the Ordo against the Movement."

The Lancea Sanctum: "It is important to maintain the masquerade and this makes sense for that end. I hope the Invictus know what their doing."

The Ordo Dracul: "We need this for the Masquerade, the Invictus clearly want to use this against those that oppose them. We'll play along for now."

The Circle of the Crone. "When did common sense need a law? When did kindred get laws? If you're dumb enough to live in the sticks and bother to hold a court then you deserve what the suits give you..."

The Carthian Movement: "An obvious embargo against our budding covenant. The Invictus bully those they can and crush those who are not bullied."

The Unaligned: "If I was living out in a small town... I wouldn't bother with a court anyways."

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What your character knows about: The Invictus Standard
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