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 The Second Amendment: Firing Range and Country Club

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Adam Blackbourne

Adam Blackbourne

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PostSubject: The Second Amendment: Firing Range and Country Club   Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:19 pm

Just north of 114A and south of the Piscataquog river, The Second Amendment is getting ready to close for the night. The last employee is unloading and storing a few pistols from the last group. He's still wearing an ROTC uniform from college, except pinned a name tag to his chest which reads, "Hello my name is: Greg"

Behind some bulletproof glass, Adam sits at a workbench dissembling and cleaning some of the more used firearms. He's working fast, and knows the parts inside and out. Although it's quiet, he's mouthing the words to "Don't Stop Me Now".

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The Second Amendment: Firing Range and Country Club
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