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 Let's get down to business 2: Cooperate Boogaloo

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Adam Blackbourne

Adam Blackbourne

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Let's get down to business 2: Cooperate Boogaloo Empty
PostSubject: Let's get down to business 2: Cooperate Boogaloo   Let's get down to business 2: Cooperate Boogaloo EmptySun Feb 05, 2012 9:56 pm

Adam calls for a meeting of the Carthians and Invictus to discuss the future of businesses in Manchester. Others are welcome to come if they wish too.

He stands at the front of the room, "Thanks for coming everyone. We're here to set forth the kindred laws of business operation before the court. This is a planning stage for the charter. The purpose is to keep our investments safe in our own society, sanction them with the court, and if the individual wishes spread the business to the kindred of Manchester."

Sitting down at this laptop he starts reading, "Here's some rules I'm suggesting:"

Right of Protection: It is a sin against the city to negatively impact a recognized business.
-Supernatural interference from other kindred will be investigated by the court for possible masquerade breaches.
-Mundane interference from other kindred includes but is not limited to affecting their profits, clientele, reputation or otherwise undermining their business.
-New businesses may not infringe upon old ones, and will be denied operation.

Right of Property: A business recognized by the court must offer something to the city and it's inhabitants. Standard This may include the following:
-Protection of the traditions, namely the masquerade.
-A service open to kindred, such as sales.
-Betterment of the city's operation, control, or kine.

Right of Ownership: As the owner of a business that services the city, you are granted certain rights.
-The business owner has the right to refuse his services to customers, whether mortal or kindred. There might be some exceptions to this rule that needs to be discussed, maybe titled members of court or those holding more status
-A kindred has the right to protect his own business.
-The right to hold a business may not be revoked unless it becomes a detriment to the city.
-As part of the city, the court will assign a coterie at the owner's request if his business is threatened by anything involving the supernatural, including mortals sent by another creature. However, being unable to hold a business as far as the mortal world goes is not a concern for the court. Who exactly is in charge of assigning these coteries needs to be discussed.

He looks up from the screen, "Floor's open. Feel free to nitpick words, suggest additions, all that stuff. Remember, this is a planning stage and we want this to be done right and this is the time to give your input. We'll have another meeting on the 18th (during game, since not everyone uses the forum)."
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Let's get down to business 2: Cooperate Boogaloo
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