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 The Territory of Manchester

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Vukasin Ilyich


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PostSubject: The Territory of Manchester   Thu Jan 12, 2012 2:53 am

It spreads through kindred society fast, relying upon both word of mouth, and what becomes common in graffiti on the walls of the city. The message is often in Serbian, sometimes in English, but never clear. Without the knowledge of the meaning of symbols, it is nothing more than gang signs. One, however, stands out within the city proper.

The police note, of course, its similarity to the symbol used in the recent film, and think nothing of it. However, to kindred in the know, the meaning is different.

It is a large capital V, surrounded by a circle, in white spray paint. Beneath the symbol are these words:

Хода од страха

Or, in English:

Tread with Care.
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The Territory of Manchester
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