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 Allies, Contacts and Status categories

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Allies, Contacts and Status categories  Empty
PostSubject: Allies, Contacts and Status categories    Allies, Contacts and Status categories  EmptyWed Sep 21, 2011 3:29 pm

The following list denotes what aspects of mortal society you as a kindred can have Allies, Contacts, and Status within. At character start you can not have more than 3 dots in any one of these merits. All Status's should be explained in your back stories if you choose to write a back story. (Example: Patrick Boston has 2 dots Media Status, at some point in his back story he was a reporter for the Boston globe and when he moved to Manchester got a job at the local newspaper; The Union Leader)

sectors to choose from:
-Academics: This covers both public schools and private schools.

-City Hall: This covers City Hall and many of it's departments.

-Clerical standing: Your standing with one of the faiths in the Manchester area.

-Business: Your standing within a major business. You can have multiple merits for multiple businesses you are associated with.

-Criminal: Your street cred with local criminal organizations.

-Public services: This covers the police department and fire department.

-Media: This covers the local newspaper, Radio, and T.V stations

-Transportation: This covers the department of transportation as well as local railroad companies and the Manchester-Boston regional airport.

-Occult: Your standing in local minor faith groups or your credibility as an occult specialist.

-Medical: Your standing in the local Medical community and local hospitals.

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Allies, Contacts and Status categories
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