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 The blow-by-blow

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David Morgan

David Morgan

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The blow-by-blow Empty
PostSubject: The blow-by-blow   The blow-by-blow EmptySun Jan 08, 2012 10:15 pm

On the Primogen's table, David puts down a typed document. Anyone who cares to read it would see this.

"January 7th, David Morgan's personal account of the encounter with werewolves.

Reports are boring, and I probably don't even need to write this. It's more of an exercise for myself, and perhaps it will shed light and prove useful to any other Manchester Kindred combatants/werewolf hunters. Maybe it's just a waste of time. The encounter happened as follows:

The headlights of Ed Lexington's limousine flooded the unfortunate scene before us. Two lupine assholes in war form dispatching one of us Primogen, Priscilla. The finishing blow was a bite to the neck, nearly beheading our comrade. The escort team consisted of myself, The Draeyknskyr, Kai, and Jin(I'm terrible with names, please correct me if I don't have your name right, or if I just plain skipped you.). The other members of the team poured out of the limousine like the world's most lethal clown car. Deciding that I should take a few moments to prepare, and that Priscilla was almost certainly beyond help, I strapped on my flak jacket and requested that Mr. Lexington roll down the windows. Hoping that I would still fit through the window with the bulky protective gear, I grabbed the roof of the vehicle, and pulled myself up onto it.

Adrenaline – or the feeling that imitates it – surged throughout my body. I could feel my muscles change shape into a more efficient configuration. The werewolves appeared to not have any form of fire, wooden stakes, or any other anti-Kindred weaponry, so I decided further preparation was unnecessary. Once upon the roof of the limousine, I gathered myself and pounced towards the nearest target. Our job was to escort Mr. Lexington, and I didn't want this wolf coming too close to the vehicle. Before leaping I "popped claws". Although we were in the middle of the city, the effect of two or more werewolves causing mortal hysteria would cover any sort of masquerade breach I would commit (knowing is half the battle!).

In midair, I realized I had misjudged the distance to my opponent, and came up short. Landing with a solid thump, I remain crouched (as I kind of have to, due to my physiology) and looked up just in time to see the head of a sledgehammer rushing towards my torso. The crude weapon smashed into the side of the flak jacket(below my armpit), and although I was able to remain upright, the blow felt like it broke several ribs and displaced me a foot to my right.

Immediately I began to heal the wound, knowing that I couldn't take many more of those haymakers. I have a pretty good grasp of how much punishment I can take, and those hurt like a bitch.

Though the werewolf was easily able to handle the weight of the sledgehammer, the momentum still caused it to have to wind up again. I used this brief window of opportunity to sink my claws into its midsection. I met no resistance other than the assailants rib cage as my claws tore flesh from bone. I briefly considered going for the face, but knew that I would have to leap again to make contact with the 7 foot tall monstrosity, and I would not be able to afford missing at this point.

The team had dispatched one of the werewolves, and another had joined the fray, keeping two of the creatures in the fight was extremely advantageous to us. Not having to worry about breaking the masquerade was incredibly important. I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT BREAK THE MASQUERADE WITH CIVILIANS NEARBY. You may need to handicap yourself to keep up appearances… unless you, and those around you are about to die, keep shit discrete!

I continued brawling with my opponent, and Mr. Kittredge joined us. Again the hammer came down, this time smashing into my neck and shoulder. Fractured collarbone, possibly dislocated shoulder. Thankfully, Kindred work different than humans, and I was able to continue the fight. Mr. Kittredge and I attacked one after another, and continued to slice away large slabs of werewolf flesh, and more importantly muscle. Werewolves DO work like humans for the most part. Cutting tendons, tearing ligaments, breaking bones, or just ripping away muscle reduces the effectiveness of the brute to a degree.

On my third or fourth attack, I was able to hook my claws underneath the furry douche bag's floating ribs and pulled. I made sure to make a wish as they snapped. Again and again, the hammer crashed down on me. It was extremely difficult to remain in my fighting stance as more and more of my insides were misplaced. By this time the side of my head had taken a shot, and most of my molars had embedded themselves into my tongue and gums. Thankfully my eye socket remained mostly intact, and my vision was not impaired.

At some point, the team had the presence of mind to recover Priscilla's remains, and put them into the limousine.

For whatever reason the werewolf I had engaged decided to strike no one but me. I was able to deal with it's decidedly ferocious assault, so the rest of my very capable teammates were able to help dispatch it, before focusing on the third and final foe. Around now my recollection of what happened becomes fuzzy. I was basically spent trying to heal what had become broken, as well as give every last bit of effort into my desperate attacks. The final beast was taken care of quickly, and we rushed to clean up the scene as quickly as possible.

The point of this report is mostly for the inspection of other physically talented members of the court to read, inspect, and probably criticize my combat techniques, as well as that of my squad. This is not a "see how awesome we are" document, it's more of a "what could I/we have done better?". I would like to encourage others to do similar reports if anyone finds this in the least bit helpful.

Thank you for your time and feedback,

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The blow-by-blow
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