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 Character Questionnaire

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Staff Heather

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PostSubject: Character Questionnaire   Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:34 pm

It is required for all players to fill out this questionnaire for every character they will play.

1. Where, when, and under what circumstances was your character born?
2. Where, when, and under what circumstances was your character Embraced?
3. How old were you when Embraced? How long has it been?
4. What did you do for a living when alive? What were/are your hobbies?
5. Who were your friends? Family? Mentors? Enemies?
6. What do you look like? How do you dress? What are your physical mannerisms?
7. What was your initial thought upon realizing you were turned into a Vampire?
8. How did you feel after your Embrace?
9. Did your Sire stick around to train you as a neonate?
10. What did you do after your Embrace?
11. Where did you live prior to moving to Manchester?
12. What is your reason for moving to Manchester?
13. What are three short term goals you have?
14. What is one longterm goal you have?
15. What is your secret wish?
16. What is your worst fear?
17. What is the thing you like the best about being a Vampire?
18. What is the thing you like least about being a Vampire?
19. What do you miss most about being human?
20. If you could keep one object with you always, what would it be? (Get creative here...)
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Character Questionnaire
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