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 Covenant Fluffy: The Invictus

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PostSubject: Covenant Fluffy: The Invictus   Covenant Fluffy: The Invictus EmptySat Dec 03, 2011 2:48 pm

A series of post entitled: Covenant fluff will be posted. These posts are to show case certain aspects of these Covenants that are different from what you may have read in the white wolf books and are specific to the setting of Manchester at Midnight.

-The Invictus

The Invictus claim to be the oldest covenant of kindred known to the world. Members of what now some call 'the first estate' can sight written proof of their covenant's existence dating back to the early days of the Roman empire. The Invictus can boost having worked within the Camerilla; the unified kindred government that flourished during the time of Rome. Some kindred scholars speculate that the fall of the Camerilla was caused by members of the Invictus who wanted to grab power for their own means.

Through out the Dark ages that followed Rome and up to the Renaissance, The Invictus and the Lancea Sanctum were the absolute rulers of the night. Their complex feudal hierarchy became well known and practiced by the majority of domains in Europe, Northern Africa and even some parts of the Middle East. The court structure used by most domains even now in modern nights can be traced back to the courts of old run by the first and second estates of kindred.

The Invictus saw themselves as the absolute rulers of the undead and for a long time, no one could dispute it. They helped maintain the traditions and above all else helped maintain the masquerade. As time wore on and the masquerade become more and more important, The Invictus took up more measures to maintain it. Between their drive to maintain the Masquerade, and their craving for power, the Invictus became the largest covenant of kindred and remained that way for hundreds of years.

With Europe's 'discovery' of the western hemisphere and it's subsequent colonization, the Kindred of the Invictus sought out new lands to rule over and many left the stagnant courts of Europe for North and South America. Where human cultures flourished, so did the kindred who fed off of them.

The courts of North and South America at first tried to keep in contact with the courts of Europe but in time found their own legs and became kindred duchies of their own. Some modern kindred scholars that such a break may have helped create a larger rift that would one day form the Carthian Movement. There were many changes happening during the Age of discovery and then the Industrial revolution. Kindred of Easter Europe had started to organize under the banner of the Ordo Dracul and faiths of the Circle of the Crone had also become more organized. Although the Invictus did not like having real competition for the first time in over 1000 years, they paid little attention to these less political kindred institutions.

As the colonies of Europe in North and South America broke off from their rulers, so did the kindred of these lands. In time the independent spirit possessed even the undead and the largest threat to the Invictus's power was born: The Carthian movement.

The last 100 years have been a time of great change for the world of man and the world of the kindred. Invictus power has eroded with record speed and the Carthian movement has gained much land. Elder kindred languish in despair calling this a time of chaos and unrest as the kindred world tears itself apart with revolution. Members of the Invictus seek to maintain and regain the domains they have lost while preforming a delicate balancing act of upholding traditions and trying to keep up with the times.

North America is the now the main battle grounds for the kindred culture war. What has seemingly become a morbid parody of the political strife in the human world, the Invictus and the Carthians now battle for the political future of the kindred world.

The Invictus employ political ploys and fall back on old resources and tactics while the Carthians push their promises of freedom and integrate advanced technologies into their war effort. The Invictus have recently pushed back with their new 'tradition' of the Invictus standard and to some extent, it's worked.

Any player of the Invictus should be sure to look into the Invictus source book that carefully outlines their hierarchy and culture. Many titles and organizations used by the Invictus are outlined in that book and used with in this setting.

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Covenant Fluffy: The Invictus
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