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 Covenant fluff: The Circle of the Crone.

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Covenant fluff: The Circle of the Crone. Empty
PostSubject: Covenant fluff: The Circle of the Crone.   Covenant fluff: The Circle of the Crone. EmptyFri Nov 25, 2011 10:08 pm

A series of post entitled: Covenant fluff will be posted. These posts are to show case certain aspects of these Covenants that are different from what you may have read in the white wolf books and are specific to the setting of Manchester at Midnight.

-The Circle of the Crone

Easily the most misunderstood of all the major Covenants, the circle of the Crone is the organization of Kindred that believe in faiths that break from traditional Judaic-Christian faiths and seek to find their gods and goddesses on their own terms. There are more faiths that fallow under the catch all banner of the circle of the Crone than anyone could ever count. From Celtic nature worship to old Egyptian belief systems, the followers of these faiths are bound together by one practice: The power of Curac.

Since the beginning of kindred history, legends have spoke of the kindred harnessing magic unlike their disciplines and more like ritual based magic known around the world by humans. The origin of Curac is unknown to even the members of the circle of the Crone but many understand how it works and what it can do. At the founding of the Lancea Sanctum Curac was thought to be the work of the devil and many thought that members of the circle of the Crone where little different than members of the Brood.

Over the years, kindred of the circle of the Crone have proved a stark difference than those of the Brood. Being far more social and far less destructive, members of the circle of the Crone have often time joined forces with other covenants to do battle with the brood in the name of their own gods and goddesses. Their efforts to advance Curac have lead to many powers that the other covenants have no clue as to how to master or just how they are preformed. Curac is a jealously guarded secret to the circle of the Crone and they very rarely share their knowledge of Curac with outsiders.

Politically speaking the circle of the Crone are one of the weaker of the covenants and have very little official representation in cities around the world. A few domains have fallen under their sway and are often times set up very differently than their neighboring domains. Those that travel to domains run by the circle of the Crone know to keep the peace though.

In North America the majority of members of the circle of the Crone worship the faiths of the Natives that dwelled here before the Europeans arrived. The Indians of the great plains, the Aztec and Mayan cultures, even Natives to the Hawaiian islands have joined up with kindred offering service in the requiem to their gods and goddesses. The Carribean sea is also home to some of the most powerful practitioners of Curac and mix it with Voodoo traditions.

The circle of the Crone did not sign onto the Invictus standard, not because they opposed the law, but because no one priest or priestess would step forth to speak on behalf of all of the members of the circle of the Crone. What one sect of the circle of the Crone may be fine with, an other may have outlawed years ago. Members of the circle of the Crone have a harder time moving more than kindred of other covenants. Normally when moving, kindred can seek out other members of their covenant and work with them. Members of the circle of the Crone may move into a region and find they are alone in their faith and may have to join an other just to stay in the area. Some times, members of different faiths can work together, focusing instead on how their faiths are alike and less on how their different.

When playing a member of this covenant a player should think about what kind of faith their character keeps and what other faiths it would be opposed to. At this point, any faith you want to toss out as an idea to a staff member is fine, just be sure to do your research and TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. We don't want to hear about your Curac powers based off the flying spegetti monster...

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Covenant fluff: The Circle of the Crone.
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