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 Getting touchy

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PostSubject: Getting touchy   Getting touchy EmptyWed Nov 23, 2011 11:31 pm

So, it clearly states in the M.E.T rule book that Vampire, like all M.E.T games is a non-touching game. This post will explain just what that means and what you the players will be expected to do or not do at games.

Let's start with the statement of 'No touching'

Now, what does that mean? I'll tell you! No touching means... well... no touching. Any time your character would touch another character, weather Staff or PC, you do not actually touch the character yourself but rather narrate your actions. Clearly, we don't want anyone getting hurt, combat scenes would get messy real quick if we we having players and staff grabbing and punching people. Certainly one of the faster ways of getting us kicked out of the building...

But there is more to it than just that. Many people just straight up don't like being touched, especially by people they do not know. Many boff larps (Games where people pay money and run around with foam weapons and hit each other... what? don't laugh at me... it's fun, you should all do it!) have many rules governing their physical contact. Clearly at a game where armed combat is going on the rules will be more lax. But in this game the statement of 'No touching' is in fact a blanket statement. Even if you're pretending to pick someone up, drag someone away or even grip them by the front of the shirt... DON'T.

Like every rule there are some exceptions to this rule.

If players are friendly with each other and consent to physical contact between the two, such things may be allowed at the staff's descresion. Sometimes physical contact can add to the drama of a scene and we as a staff can appreciate that. If you'd like to have any kind of contact you NEED to clear it with both the person you're trying to do it with AND a near by staff member. Remember keep physical contact low key. A staff member is much more willing to clear you knocking off someone's hat as opposed to you drop kicking a bad guy down the stairs.

Contact of a... well... Intimate nature is completely not allowed. Save that sort of thing for private scenes (If you must at all) or the bed room... Ya you two, I'm talking about you! yeash...

With any rule, if you have any questions about it at all, ask a staff member first.

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Getting touchy
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