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 IMPORTANT!!!!!!!Read Before Playing.

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IMPORTANT!!!!!!!Read Before Playing. Empty
PostSubject: IMPORTANT!!!!!!!Read Before Playing.   IMPORTANT!!!!!!!Read Before Playing. EmptySat Nov 19, 2011 7:16 pm


Thank you for coming to our forums. This is the home of the Manchester at Midnight Live Action Role Playing Game. It is run in the new world of darkness from the Requiem book. We meet periodically at the McGauvern Hall UMass Lowell, 72 Wilder Street. When we do meet we meet on Saturdays from 6pm until around midnight.

You the Player

  • The “Fonz” Rule
    If you would do something to a player and you would feel uncomfortable talking with that player after game that perhaps you should reconsider
  • Player Vs Player
    This is a game of Vampire however please keep in mind the “Fonz” rule.
    Down Time Actions, Character Managers
    Downtime actions should be sent to your character manager, which will be determined after your first game. Before then info should be sent to Staff_ronny.

    • 1 Major Downtime Action
    • X Minor Downtime Action
    • X = resolve - 1
    • Due Wednesday after the event @ 11:59pm
    • Returned Wednesday before event @ 11:59pm

  • Respect the grounds
    Please clean up after yourself, this is not our house we are borrowing this area, clean up after yourself.


We the staff have limited funds. We do not all have all of the variant books. If you wish to use any variant at all it must be okayed with the staff.

Getting Started

Please send your character sheet to your character manager. Additionally the character questionnaire on the forums is required and should be sent to your character manager. Histories are welcome and will grant you three xp.

House Rules

  • Resources:
    You get one purchase at your highest dot in resources, one more for the level below it, one more for the level below it, and so one. For example a person with 3 dots of resources gets a 3 dot purchase, two 2 dot purchases, and three 1 dot purchases.
    • Humanity
    • Humanity is measured in decimal points, and humanity draws can be replaced by spending decimal points. This is unique system and can be better explained in person.
    • You cannot sell your humanity down for xp. You can however start with a lower humanity if you wish. The benefit to this is the lack of derangement.

Ain't no rest for the wicked
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Adam Blackbourne

Adam Blackbourne

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IMPORTANT!!!!!!!Read Before Playing. Empty
PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT!!!!!!!Read Before Playing.   IMPORTANT!!!!!!!Read Before Playing. EmptyWed Jan 11, 2012 9:01 am

Could you explain the decimal thing again? What was it, you offer some points up instead of making a check?
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IMPORTANT!!!!!!!Read Before Playing.
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