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 Character Creation

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PostSubject: Character Creation   Character Creation EmptyMon Nov 14, 2011 6:09 pm

This post is for new players trying to make a character for this game. There are certain things that make this game slightly different from other games you may have played before.

For starters, this game runs with the Mind's eye theatre rules for THE NEW WORLD OF DARKNESS. please do not confuse this with the OLD WORLD OF DARKNESS rules.

Secondly, This is a game of Vampire the Requiem. All you hunters, changelings, were-wolfs and whatever else the deranged lunatics at white wolf have decided to make a game need not apply. Some players have opted to play a ghoul and that option will be made available to any player but comes with the warning of the role play that goes with that: Generally speaking, ghouls are not treated equally by kindred and you as a player may be missing out on certain aspects of the game. Although it does have some perks (Like checking in before everyone else) this can be a hard (and sometimes down right disappointing) role play.

Moving on from there, There are five perfectly fine clans of vampires for you to pick from. The five basic clans are the following: Daeva, Gangrel, Mehket, Nosferatu, and Ventrue. Those are your options. Currently, playing blood lines are not allowed at character creation. Your Haitian voodoo necromancer is not welcomed in this game... for now.

This is one player currently playing a blood line, I will out him now so i don't hear complaints about it later. His name is David Carey. He was permitted to play a blood line at character creation because of the service he provided to all of us players in Shadows over knights bridge (A vampire game that run for a few years and recently wrapped up.) anyone with complaints about favoritism may take them up with me in private and you and I will solve this like men in a parking lot of your choice. (Just kidding brah)

As for covenant options there are five of those as well! Those would be: The Carthian Movement, The Circle of the Crone, The Lancea Sanctum, The Invictus and the Ordo Dracul. Anyone with strange requests for things like the Brood or VII should see the staff in private to discuss such things. DO NOT assume you have permission to play any of these things until you have talked to a staff member.

When making a character, players are encourage to make characters with well thought out back stories and goals. Before you make a character you should fill the question sheet we have. These quick questions are designed to get you thinking about your character. A back story will further flesh out your character and you will be awarded 3XP upon completion and submission to your character manager.

Speaking of character managers, every player will be assigned a character manager after their first game. If you have a back story to submit at your first check in, you may turn it in then and it will be forwarded to your character manager after one has been assigned to you.

Character managers are staff members who are assigned to deal with the details of your character. Character managers will be given your back stories, XP expenditures, and down time actions. Character managers are also there to help you with any goals you may have or questions about the game.

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Character Creation
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